history, language, culture and took up sports such as hurling whereas the 5. Although Assembly elections were held in June 1998, devolution of power from London to . The official division of the country of Ireland into two separate regions – Northern and Southern Ireland – took place in May 1921, through an act passed by the British Parliament. Northern Ireland: Current Issues and Ongoing Challenges in the Peace Process . One example would be a whole classroom of school children watching their school teacher being shot … Causes of Northern Ireland Conflict [Notes] ... Catholic students were taught Irish religious groups. Nevertheless, Scotland avoided the traumatic effects of, for example, the IRA’s mainland campaign of the 1970s and 80s. For centuries the English had tried to gain control of Ireland.Until the sixteenth centrury,England controlled only a small area of Ireland around Dublin. To understand the Northern Ireland conflict, you need to know a little history. The original intention was for both regions to remain within the United Kingdom, but the Irish War of Independence led to the south seceding from the UK in 1922, while Northern Ireland opted to remain. In the latest in our series of overviews, a summary of ‘The Troubles’, by John Dorney. First of all, when comparing the geography, Ireland is much larger than Northern Ireland. This e-book will be launched in Belfast on Monday 4 February – you can register to attend via the Eventbrite […] Perhaps the price of Scotland remaining relatively undisturbed was the degree to which the country was also posted missing in debates and deliberations over the Northern Ireland problem and the prospects of finding a solution. Though they are part of the same island, these two are different in their religious and political views. Ireland vs Northern Ireland Ireland and Northern Ireland are parts of the same island. Ireland vs Northern Ireland. This short extract is from chapter 3 (The reality and consequences of trauma in Northern Ireland) from the upcoming e-book by Vicky Cosstick entitled Don’t Mention the War: Exploring Aspects of the Legacy of the Northern Ireland Troubles. The Republic of Ireland is an independent sovereign state, while Northern Ireland has been part of the United Kingdom since 3rd May 1921. The main difference between Ireland and Northern Ireland is that they are two separate countries. The British Army, deployed to restore order in Belfast in 1969. Supermarkets were given an initial three-month grace period, during which the rules were not to be enforced on food they bring into Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland The problems between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland started a long time ago and more political than religious. The pattern of violence in Northern Ireland has changed from street rioting, bombing to single acts of assassination on the opposite community, many of which were witnessed by young people. Ireland, which is also known as ‘Republic of Ireland’ […]

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